Results of survey on existing practices, methodologies and institutional needs

In March and April 2012 Revive VET project consortium has implemented survey on existing practices and methodologies on ICT application at education institutions in Europe, together with the institutional needs for ICT application on institutional, curriculum, professional skills development and overall quality schemes levels. Here are the main analysis results, available publicly, as one of the project results.

Analysis of existing practices, available methodologies and institutional needs

Revive VET project team is implementing a survey on existing ICT application practices, available methodologies, and needs of education institutions.

If your institution is interested in applicability of ICT integration into education European quality schemes to daily life activities in your institution – you are very welcome to fill in this questionnaire and express your interest in further updates on the issue. The survey is open til March 22 (extended to March 31), 2012 at

The survey results will later be accessible at this website. We appreciate your opinion.