Revive VET quality tools presentations

Revive vet project consortium organized the dissemination event of Revive VET project quality tools that focus on ICT integration quality assessment in institution. The tools and scenarios for their use were presented during this event. Te event was broadcasted live on May 16th and 17th, 2013. The agenda of Revive VET dissemination event may be found here (to download). The records of the event are available here:

1. Introduction to e-Learning Quality Tools in Europe. Claudio Dondi, Scienter, Italy

2. Introduction to overall quality assurance scheme in Revive VET. An overall national
level. Anthony F. Camilleri, EFQUEL, Belgium 

3. Introduction to Revive VET quality tools and scenario of their use. Airina
Volungevičienė, VMU, Lithuania

4.Quality assurance criteria for integration of ICT in education institution, Denes
Zarka, BME, Hungary 

5.Quality assurance criteria for integration of ICT in curriculum designing, Estela
Daukšienė, VMU, Lithuania

6. Quality assurance criteria for integration of ICT in professional skill development.
Claudio Dondi, SCIENTER, Italy