Project management

WP1 aims at project management by

  • establishing project consortium
  • managing project progress via closed and open management tools
  • preparing interim and final project reports

WP2 aims at analysis of existing practices, available methodologies and identifying institutional needs by:

  • development of a questionnaire for online survey and SWOT tool for consortium institutions
  • organization of online survey on existing practices and institutional needs
  • partner institutions X-raying their practices and identifying the needs (SWOT analysis)
  • presenting survey and SWOT results for partner institutions

WP3 aims to adapt and develop Revive and Hextlearn methodologies and to discuss and define quality criteria within expert groups by:

  • adapting 2 Hextlearn methodologies (case development methodology and peer review methodology) and Revive curriculum methodology to project needs,
  • building expert groups from consortium institutions to identify quality criteria for two areas:
    a) continuing professional development (including teacher training)
    b) ICT application  to foster creativity, business and citizen skills
    on four levels:
    - institutional strategy level
    - quality factors and criteria schemes (awareness building)
    - curriculum/ course level
    - professional skill development
  • developing training material for VET and consortium institutions and individual teachers and trainers.

WP4 aims to facilitate consortium institutions to develop and upload their cases by:

  • establishing cased development and communication ICT infrastructure
  • consulting and supervising institutions and individual teachers on case development
  • consulting and supervising institutions and individual teachers on uploading the cases online at quality community portal.

WP 5 aims to build peer reviewing practices and online community of experts, as well as to ensure internal quality of project progress and outcomes by:

  • developing internal quality assurance strategy and tools
  • monitoring project progress and outputs internally
  • organize peer reviewing of already developed cases (in work package 4)
  • develop online community of peer reviewers
  • prepare recommendations for case authors for case improvements.

WP6 aims to ensure dissemination and valorization activities in order to contribute to smooth exploitation of project results and sustainability via:

  • preparing and distributing project dissemination material and newsletters
  • producing project story within a project CD (including adapted methodologies and cases from project lifetime).